The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), Swiss branch, is pleased to share with you current press articles that could help understand today’s political situation in Spain.

APRIL 30th, 2018

The anti-democratic behavior of Spain’s judicial system casts doubt on its justice. Some striking articles:


  • Helga Stevens, Belgian member of the European Parliament, interviewed by El Nacional on 22.04.2018, candidly comments on the unpunished violence of Spanish police against Catalan voters on October 1st, on Catalan political prisoners and other arbitrary prosecutions of Catalans, as well as on the peculiar judiciary interpretation of terrorism in Spain. In Ms. Stevens opinion,
    Spain’s behavior, out of control or proportion, resembles that of Turkey.


  • In an article published in Politico on 18.04.2018, Guy Hedgecoe exposes the blurry borders of freedom of speech in Spain by discussing the  cases of singers convicted for their combative lyrics. Specifically, rapper Pablo Hasél was found guilty of glorifying terrorism and insulting the Crown and state institutions and sentenced to 2-year prison.


  • The invention of an non-existent Catalan town (Sant Esteve de les Roures) in a police report (reported by Catalan News) suggests that the  Spanish Guardia Civil might fake reports to support claims of violence, on the side of the Catalan voters during the independence referendum on October 1st. Jokes about this fictional town have gone viral. 


Last week, a demeaning verdict in an instance of gang rape (The Guardian, 26.04.2018: Protests in Spain as five men cleared of teenager’s gang rape),took thousands of Spaniards to the street. Then, the Catalan police’s PR was dismissed in retaliation
for blaming the judicial system (La Vanguardia, 28.04.2018: Mossos cesa a su jefa de comunicación por un tuit personal sobre la sentencia de ‘La Manada’).

All these facts not help dissipate the increasing concerns on the dysfunctional Spanish judiciary and the degradation of fundamental rights in Spain.